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Media Resource Kit

Metro Nashville Department Head Photos

High resolution photos of the following department heads are available for download by clicking either the photo or name.

Metro Nashville Public Information Officers

Public Information Officer Department Office Phone E-mail
Shannon Sumrall Airport Authority 615-275-1630
Emily Waltenbaugh Arts + Culture 615-862-4099
Tammy Williams Assessor of Property 615-862-6060
Joseph Day Circuit Court Clerk 615-862-5181
Eben Cathey Codes and Building Safety 615-862-7192
Lakeithea Anderson Community Education 615-298-8050
Megan Buell Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security 615-251-5131
Steve Hayslip District Attorney's Office 615-862-5500
Bruce Sanschargrin Emergency Communications Center 615-401-6224
Tasha Kennard Farmer's Market 615-880-2001
extension 26
Jerval Watson Finance 615-862-5461
Chris Harmon Finance 615-862-6154
Joseph Pleasant Fire and Office of Emergency Management 615-880-2011
Velvet Hunter General Services 615-862-5055
Brian Todd Health 615-340-2153
Yvonne Ogren Historical Commission 615-862-7970
Mark Eatherly Human Relations Commission 615-880-3391
Andrea Fanta Library 615-862-5755
Kayla Head Library 615-862-5763
Chris Song Mayor's Office–Press Secretary 615-862-6000
Katie Lentile Mayor's Office–Director of Communications 615-862-6028
Jamie Berry Metro Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) 615-252-8420
Lisa McCrady Metro Action Commission 615-862-8860,
extension 70144
Amanda Clelland Metro Transit Authority (MTA) 615-880-3932
Mary Wylly Music City Center 615-401-1420
Holden Sheriff Nashville Electric Service (NES) 615-351-4530
Sylvia Smith Nashville Electric Service (NES) 615-747-3761
Jackie Jones Parks 615-862-8400
Anita McCaig Planning 615-862-7156
Don Aaron Police 615-862-7306
Kristin Mumford Police 615-862-7306
Cortnye Stone Public Works 615-862-8779
Terry Quillen Register of Deeds 615-862-6449
Olivia Brown Schools 615-259-8406
Sean Braisted Schools 615-259-8790 (extension 813810)
Mark Preville Sheriff's Office 615-862-8217
Billy Fields Transportation Licensing Commission 615-862-6777
Sonia Allman Water Services 615-862-4494
Jennifer Harrman Water Services 615-862-4521