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Officers on Broadway Issuing Citations for Non-Compliance of Health Department's Mask Order



The MNPD will implement a new initiative on Friday and Saturday nights of this week by increasing the number of officers on Broadway who have been ordered to issue citations to persons not complying with the Health Department’s mask order.

Thirty officers will be divided into three teams of eight (a total of 24 officers) who will conduct walking patrols on Broadway from 3:30 p.m.-midnight. The remaining six officers will be on ATVs and conduct mobile enforcement, including stopping and citing any “transpotainment” vehicles operating in violation of the Health Department’s prohibition. The officer presence will be an increase over the 19 School Resource Officers who have been on Broadway working on public mask compliance on prior Friday and Saturday nights since mid-July.

The MNPD expects to be joined on Broadway on Friday and Saturday by staff from the Metro Health Department, Transportation Licensing Commission, Beer Board and the Fire Marshal’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will base its mobile booking vehicle in Riverfront Park on both nights.

There is clear signage on Broadway reminding persons that the mask mandate has the force of law. Persons in violation can receive a Metropolitan Government citation for adjudication in Environmental Court, or a State of Tennessee criminal misdemeanor citation. Under state law, violation of the Health Department’s mask order is a class C misdemeanor.

Absent an authorized exception to the Health Department’s mask order, officers are being directed to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance as Nashville works to lessen the spread of COVID-19.