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Man Killed in Thursday's Fiery Truck Crash on I-40 at Spence Lane Believed to be Kentucky Resident



The driver killed in Thursday afternoon’s fiery single-vehicle crash at the I-40 west Spence Lane exit ramp is tentatively identified as Noel D. McQueen, 58, of Lily, Kentucky. The Medical Examiner’s Office is working with his family to confirm the identification.

McQueen was driving a bucket truck owned by Associated Communications when, for a reason unknown, it traveled into the gore area at the exit ramp and crashed head-on into the impact attenuator and caught fire. McQueen was trapped in the truck. His passenger, Jerimiah Smith, 39, of McKee, Kentucky, was ejected but was on the ground near the burning truck when Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Andrew Simunic drove up on the crash. Trooper Simunic pulled Smith to safety and then joined with MNPD Sergeant Robert Goodwin in an unsuccessful effort to get McQueen out of the vehicle as flames began to engulf the cab of the truck. More than 25 fire extinguishers were used by responding units in the effort to control the flames.

Smith said that he was sleeping in the truck and woke up on the ground after the crash.