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Father Wanted for Custodial Interference Believed to Have Left the Country with His Daughter



Youth Services detectives today learned that Diab Alia, 47, and his 4-year-old daughter, Mariah Alia, left the United States on September 3 and are currently in the Middle East.

In accordance with their child custody agreement, Alia picked up his daughter from his ex-wife on September 3. When he had not returned their child by September 6, she called police. Information provided by Alia’s ex-wife led detectives to believe that he was still in Nashville. Detectives pursued leads on locating him and Mariah. On September 9, Alia’s cell phone went dormant.

Detectives contacted Homeland Security to check on Alia’s potential travel. After a review, they informed detectives today that Alia and his daughter had flown out of the country on September 3.

Next steps in this investigation are being discussed with the police department’s federal law enforcement partners.