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Mayor Cooper Issues Statement Following Chancellor’s Decision

Andrea Fanta,

Mayor John Cooper today issued this statement following a ruling by Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle for the 20th Judicial District of the Chancery Court for the State of Tennessee:

“Today’s decision is great news for our city. It reflects the widely held view that this referendum was just not legal enough to be up to a vote.

The Chancellor’s thoughtful ruling calls out a misguided effort. It clearly shows why it was the wrong choice for a stronger Nashville.

We are the lowest-taxed city in one of the lowest-taxed states, even after the property tax increase. We can have the lowest tax rate and fix our finances, pay teachers more, build schools, and invest in neighborhoods.

Thankfully, the city does not have to spend between $800,000 and $1 million on something that would later be overturned. Instead, we can focus on the work Metro Council and I were hired to do.”

Metro Director of Law Bob Cooper offered the following statement:

“The Chancellor properly concluded that 4 Good Government’s petition was fatally flawed and promised what it could not legally deliver. The Court’s decision prevents a special election that would have wasted voters’ time and taxpayers’ money.”