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Opportunity for Input: Wedgewood-Houston/Chestnut Hill Urban Design Overlay


Wedgewood-Houston/Chestnut Hill Urban Design Overlay

Wedgewood Houston Chestnut Hill Urban Design Overlay (WHCH UDO)

The Wedgewood-Houston Chestnut Hill Urban Design Overlay (WHCH UDO) has been developed as a tool to implement the guidelines of the 2019 Wedgewood-Houston Chestnut Hill Small Area Plan—especially concerns regarding housing affordability, displacement, and neighborhood character.

The objective of this document is to incentivize contextual infill development, encourage a greater diversity in housing in both form and cost, and safeguard the unique sense of place characteristic of these neighborhoods.

The draft has been uploaded for public review and comment prior to the January 21, 2021 Metro Planning Commission meeting.

Zone Change in conjunction with WHCH UDO

Prior to this initiative, most parcels within the UDO boundary were zoned R6 or R6-A, intended for low density single family or duplexes at 1 unit per 6,000 sq. ft. This zoning designation does not permit any multi-family with more than two units.

In order to accommodate the increase of housing types and allow for multi-family housing, these properties were “up-zoned” in conjunction with the UDO to enable it to meet its objectives. Whereas prior to the rezoning, most residential properties were entitled to two units, now they will be entitled to three to four units, depending on the property size.

Public Engagement and Comment

District 17 Council Member Colby Sledge is organizing an online community engagement kick-off meeting for December 21, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Planning Staff will follow up with a second online community meeting on Tuesday, January 12 at 4:00 p.m. to review feedback gained during the public comment period and present edits that will be made prior to the January 21 MPC meeting.

Please email with feedback or comments on the document and/or associated zoning change or to be added to the December 21 and January 12 online meetings.