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Man Arrested for Possessing Hoax Hazardous Device



Officers early today charged Raul Ramos, 52, with possessing a hoax hazardous device and trespassing at a Glenpark Drive residence in South Nashville related to an ongoing dispute.

The victims inside the residence reported seeing Ramos on the side of the home carrying oxygen tanks and standing over a small blue cooler. When they confronted him, he tried to run away but they quickly detained him. Due to the suspicious items, responding officers established a perimeter and evacuated nearby residences. The Hazardous Devices Unit ultimately determined that the items in and of themselves were not explosive and consistent with someone attempting to build a live or hoax device.

Ramos, of Greenbrier, Tennessee, is being held in lieu of $80,000 bond.


Raul Ramos, 52
Raul Ramos, 52