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Homicide Suspect Now Charged with Shooting at Fast Food Restaurant Manager



Accused murderer Rojelio Rivera is facing new charges of felony aggravated assault and vandalism for shooting at the SUV of a Sonic restaurant manager on the night of January 26.

The manager was leaving the restaurant at 444 Murfreesboro Pike when he noticed a man who had been given food standing on the sidewalk near the exit. As he drove onto Murfreesboro Pike, the individual began firing shots. The SUV was hit twice, causing damage to the roof and back window of the vehicle. The gunman fled.

After Rivera’s arrest early January 29 for the fatal shooting of Dean Kwatelai-Quartey, 43, near the intersection of 3rd Avenue South and McCann Street, the Sonic victim recognized Rivera from a news report as the same man who had shot at him. Ballistic analysis indicates that the same gun was used in both cases.

Rivera, 38, continues to be held without bond in the Downtown Detention Center.


Rojelio Rivera, 38
Rojelio Rivera, 38