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Nashville Office of Emergency Management Winter Weather Evening Update

Joseph Pleasant, Joseph.Pleasant@Nashville.Gov, 615-880-2011

Metro Nashville Public Schools and Metro Nashville Government Buildings closed Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Updated Metro Government Closures

All non-essential Metro Nashville-Davidson County facilities will be closed Wednesday, February 17, 2021 as Metro Nashville-Davidson County continues to experience severe winter weather.

Metro departments impacted by building closures are asking employees to work remotely when possible to ensure delivery of metro services.

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday, February 17, due to hazardous weather and road conditions.

Before- and after-care programs will be closed. All after-school activities are canceled as well, including sports practices, games, performances, parent meetings, etc. YMCA Fun Company emergency childcare sites will also be closed Wednesday.

District offices will be closed physically but remain open virtually, and 12-month employees will report to work remotely unless their positions require them to report in person.

Nashville Community Education

Nashville Community Education’s classes are virtual and will meet this week. If students need to get in touch with NCE email

Metro Public Health

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at the Music City Center is closed Wednesday, February 17. The vaccine is being stored, is safe and none is going to waste. People who had an appointment February 16 or 17 will be called to reschedule.

Those who had an appointment for their second dose should come back any day when the vaccine clinic is open.

All MPHD clinics will be closed. Metro Animal Care and Control will be operating on call for emergencies.

Metro Social Services

The Metro Social Services Office building at 800 2nd Avenue will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Social workers are working remotely. Davidson County residents in need of immediate assistance, please call 615-862-6432.


MDHA offices will be closed Wednesday, February 17, due to severe winter weather. Staff who can work from home will perform their work duties from home and virtual meetings will continue.

If you are a resident and need to report a maintenance emergency, please call your management office, and press 1 when prompted.

More MDHA Updates.

Metro Action Commission (MAC)

Metro Action Commission buildings will be closed Wednesday, February 17. MAC personnel will serve customers virtually Wednesday.

Calls and E-mails to the main office, Head Start and Early Head Start Centers will be handled by staff virtually. The Head Start and Early Head Start classes will resume virtually on Wednesday February 17.


General Sessions and State Trial Courts in-person court proceedings will be closed Wednesday, February 17.

Juvenile Court of Metro Nashville and Davidson County will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Preliminary hearing and OP cases will be rescheduled; Juvenile Court staff will be available by phone or email.

Public Defender of Metro Nashville and Davidson County

Public Defender office will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Staff will be available via phone or email.

Office of Family Safety

For Order of Protection Help 24/7 call 615-880-1100 between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Please call 615-880-1101 after hours.

The Davidson County Clerk’s Office

All branches of the Davidson County Clerk’s Office will be closed Wednesday, February 17. Contact the Davidson County Clerk’s Office at

Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk

The Criminal Court Clerk’s Office will be closed Wednesday, February 17.

The Davidson County Trustee’s Office

The Davidson County Trustee’s Office will be closed Wednesday, February 17. For more information visit or call 615-862-6330.

Davidson County Register of Deeds

The Register’s office at 501 Broadway will be closed Wednesday, February 17, due to inclement weather.

Metro Arts

Metro Arts will be open during regular business hours as staff work remotely.

The Arts Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 18, will take place virtually on WebEx. Residents may find information on how to attend meetings and contact staff at

Beer Board

The Beer Board offices will be Wednesday with closed with staff working remotely.

Metro Parks

Community Centers, Sportsplex, Nature Center and Parthenon are closed Wednesday, February 17.

UT-TSU Extension

UT-TSU Extension will be open but operating remotely. Extension agents can be reached through social media or by emailing

Metro Historical and Historic Zoning Commission

MHC will be open during regular business hours as staff work remotely Wednesday, February 17.

Nashville Farmers’ Market

The Nashville Farmers’ Market will be closed on Wednesday, February 17. Customers can order essential groceries by visiting Staff will work remotely and may be reached by calling 615-880-2001 or by email at:

Davidson County Election Commission

The election commission will be closed Wednesday February 17.

For more information call 615-862-8600 or email

Other Metro Closures

  • All Nashville Public Library facilities
  • Metro Codes
  • Planning Department (Staff working remotely)
  • eBid Nashville
  • Metro Human Resources Offices (Staff working remotely)
  • Beer Board Offices

Essential services, such as Metro Police and Nashville Fire emergency response, as well as road work and emergency cold weather sheltering, will continue.

To request non-emergency Metro services, visit, use the hubNashville 311 app, or call 311 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Metro Nashville Public Works

There will be no trash or recycling collection, February 17.

All Metro Convenience Centers will be closed, February 17. Public Works administrative offices will be closed, February 17.

Trash and Recycling Updates

In addition to the delay caused by the Presidents’ Day holiday, inclement weather has caused additional delays for trash and recycling collection this week. To prioritize safety for all, we will not be collecting trash or recycling, February 17. Residents with Tuesday collections, previously scheduled to be picked up on Wednesday, February 17 will be picked up next Tuesday, February 23. The department will assess conditions and make a determination about Wednesday collections, currently scheduled to be picked up on Thursday, at a later time.

Snow and Ice Removal Updates

MPW crews continue to plow and salt primary and secondary routes across Davidson County. Crews have been out since 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning running 12-hour shifts and will continue efforts to ensure primary routes are passable. Drivers are urged to avoid roadways if possible.

WeGo Public Transit

As crews continue to assess road conditions for bus operations, service levels are subject to change with short notice. WeGo Public Transit customers can find out information about the remainder of today’s service and service tomorrow morning by:

  • watching for media alerts on local television stations,
  • following WeGo Public Transit on social media (@WeGoTransit),
  • visiting’s snow route schedule page
  • checking one of the mobile real-time information tools such as Google Transit or the Transit App, or
  • call WeGo Customer Care at 615-862-5950

COVID-19 Community Assessment Centers

All COVID-19 Community Assessment Centers operated by Meharry Medical College, including at Nissan Stadium Lot “N,” will remain closed through the week of February 15, 2021 due to inclement weather.

Metro Nashville Police Department

The MNPD continues to hold over officers for two hours beyond their regular shifts through at least Wednesday morning to help answer calls. Neighborhood streets remain snow and ice covered and pose a risk to travel. Officers continue to check on displaced individuals.

Between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, 39 vehicle crashes (33 property damage and 6 injury) were reported. The most serious was on I-24 east this afternoon where the driver of a pickup truck lost control and the vehicle rolled over.  One person was critically injured.

OEM Cold Patrols

The Nashville OEM ESU Members will continue cold patrols in the evenings to check on members of the homeless community who are out in the cold.

OEM ESU Members will also provide blankets, gloves, hand warmers and other care items to those who would like them.

Transportation to the Extreme Cold Weather Overflow Shelter or other sheltering options will be arranged for people who want to get out of the cold.

Cold Patrol Results

Saturday 2/13/2021

  • 8 personnel worked - 48 manhours 5 vehicles out working
  • 119 Blankets distributed (all time high) 12 Blue Plastic Tarps
  • 36 Care Packages Created by Belmont Students

Sunday 2/14/2021

  • 8 ESU Personnel - 68 Manhours 5 Vehicles out working
  • 25 Blankets distributed
  • 22 Care Packages Created by Belmont Students 6 people transported to shelter

Monday 2/15/2021

  • 8 ESU Personnel – 56 Manhours
  • 17 Blankets distributed
  • 1 person transported to shelter.

Extreme Cold Weather Shelter

Metro Social Services is asking all people to use Nashville Rescue Mission as the main access point throughout the day. Metro is coordinating with Nashville Rescue Mission.

An Extreme Cold Weather Shelter is scheduled to remain open Wednesday, February 17, at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

The shelter is located at 500 Wedgewood Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. The shelter is separate from the COVID-19 Homeless Shelter in operation at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, Metro Social Services will encourage people to enter the shelters in the evening and then stay inside the shelter.

Metro Social Services is in touch with nonprofits to coordinate their questions around transportation, etc.

People should use the Nashville Rescue Mission first. People with pets are welcome at the Extreme Cold Weather Shelter.

You can find more information about the Nashville Cold Weather Community Response plan, including future Extreme Cold Weather Shelter openings at the Cold Weather Nashville web site.

Clients Served

Saturday to Sunday: 102 people and 4 dogs, 60 people decided to stay during the day on Sunday

Sunday to Monday: 135 people and 5 dogs, 90 people chose to stay Monday morning.

Monday to Tuesday: 166 people and 5 dogs stayed. 105 people will remain in the shelter during the day.

Community Resource Center of Nashville

Community Resource Center is asking for donations of hand warmers, gloves, hats and blankets. Please consider donating to the Community Resource Center.

Community Resource Center has an Amazon wish list which is up and running, as well for donations.

Metro Water Services

Metro Water Services (MWS) remains fully operational and the vital water services you depend on are safe and available.

Where possible, employees are working remotely.

The Customer Services Center can be reached by calling 615-862-4600 or emailing

All water service payment channels, except for the over-the-counter transactions, are available, including the two outdoor kiosks.

MWS will only be responding to emergency work orders and will not be making scheduled water and sewer taps, etc. until outside temperatures return to above freezing.

For leaking or broken pipes within your home, contact a plumber.

Leaking or broken water mains should be reported to 615-862-4600 immediately.

Customers are urged to take necessary precautions to prevent water pipes in your home from freezing:

  • Remove all exterior hose connections and insulate the hose bibs.
  • Cover foundation vents.
  • Insulate exposed water pipes.
  • Allow your home’s warmer air to reach the water pipes by opening cabinet doors.
  • Allow a small trickle of water, about the size of a pencil lead, to run from a cold-water faucet.
  • Keep meter box closed to prevent cold air from reaching the meter and the pipes.
  • Locate the water shut-off valve inside your home. The ability to quickly close this valve may prevent further damage to your home if one of your interior pipes burst. The shut-off valve may be in the basement, under the kitchen sink, in a utility closet, near the hot water heater, or even under your home in a crawl space. If you think you have found it, be sure to test it and consider labeling it so it is easy to locate.

If you do experience frozen water lines, remember to NEVER use open flames. An open flame could cause the water in the pipe to turn into steam and build up enough pressure to split the pipe. Sometimes ice in a pipe will melt if you warm it with a hair dryer or wrap it in hot towels.