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Chief Steve Anderson Meets Monday with West End Synagogue Cantor for Annual Passover Ritual


March 22, 2013


Chief Steve Anderson and Cantor Marcia Lane of the West End Synagogue will meet Monday morning as part of an annual practice to offer assistance to Nashville’s Jewish community in celebration of the Passover holiday.
Chief Anderson will formally purchase leavened products, known as “chametz,” from the West End Synagogue congregation for the eight days of Passover.  Jews are prohibited from owning leavened products such as bread, cereals, and even beer, during the holiday.  In many instances, Jewish families place canned or packaged leavened foods in a closet or cupboard that will stay closed for the duration of the eight days.  A synagogue official is given power of attorney to sell all of the products to a non-Jew until Passover has ended.  After the holiday, Cantor Lane will buy back the leavened products from Chief Anderson and will make a donation to a police-related charity in appreciation of his assistance.  This is the 19th year the police department has partnered with the West End Synagogue in the Passover tradition.