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156 Firearms Turned In During Gift Cards for Guns Event


June 9th’s Gift Cards for Guns event was a major success as citizens exchanged a total of 156 firearms (104 pistols and 52 rifles & shotguns) for $50 MAPCO gift cards.

The gun turn-in was held for four hours, 8 a.m.-12 noon, at St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church, 135 Lewis Street. Sponsored by Metro Police, MAPCO, St. Luke Pastor Frank Stevenson, other Nashville clergy, Crime Stoppers and the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, the program was designed to take unsafe and unwanted guns out of Nashville’s neighborhoods.

“Nashville is safer because of the Gift Cards for Guns Initiative,” Chief Steve Anderson said, noting that among the weapons surrendered were three sawed off shotguns and one sawed off rifle. “These are 156 firearms that will not find their way back into the community where they could perhaps fall into the hands of a child or a person up to no good.”

These are some of the 156 firearms that were exchanged for $50 MAPCO Gift Cards.

These are some of the 156 firearms that were exchanged for $50 MAPCO Gift Cards.

Mayor Karl Dean, MAPCO Vice President Tony McLarty and Chief Steve Anderson examine a sawed

Pictured with the pistols surrendered during the Gift Cards for Guns event are (l-r) Crime Stoppers board member William Coleman, Crime Stoppers President Dwayne M. Duhon, St. Luke Church Deacon Maurice Fitzgerald, Mapco Vice President Tony McLarty, South Precinct Commander Mike Alexander, Hermitage Precinct Detective Lieutenant John Drake, Yuri Cunza from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Karl Dean, Specialized Investigations Division Captain Paul Trickey, Hermitage Precinct Commander Michele Donegan, Deputy Chief Todd Henry, Chief Steve Anderson and Field Operations Captain Gary Goodwin.