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Metro Health Department Develops New Plan for Partnerships With Animal Rescue Organizations


Partner Animal Rescue Organizations Will Receive Adoption Discounts of 50 Percent

Applications Available Beginning June 14th

The Metro Public Health Department has introduced a new process for partnering with rescue organizations.

Dr. Bill Paul, Director of Health of the Metro Public Health Department, presented information about the MACC certified partner agreement to members of the Metropolitan Board of Health for their review today at the June board meeting.
Nonprofit animal rescue organizations that agree to be partners will receive a 50 percent discount of the applicable fee for animals that have spent two or more weeks in the adoption area at MACC’s shelter.  

Nonprofit rescue organizations can start the process by filling out an application to be a certified partner starting June 14th.

The MACC certified partner agreement application is available at Metro Animal Care and Control, 5125 Harding Place, or room 208 at the Metro Public Health Department’s Lentz Health Center, 311 23rd Ave. North.
The certified partner agreement application is also available on the Metro Public Health Department’s website for applicants to fill out, print and bring to MACC.  Applicants can also mail it to the Lentz Health Center, Room 208, 311 23rd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203 or FAX to 615-340-8589.

Moving animals from MACC to rescue organizations will increase the number of animals in the shelter find a home. The reduced fee allows MACC to cover some of the costs of preparing an animal for adoption while making it easier for these nonprofit organizations to take the animals.

Increasing partnerships with rescues is one of several strategies being undertaken at MACC to increase the number of animals that are adopted. Increasing adoptions is one strategy to reduce our community’s rate of euthanasia.

Certified MACC Partner Application