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New Weight Limit for Foster Avenue Bridge over CSX Railroad


Heavy vehicles to be restricted until bridge is replaced next year

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Beginning today, Thursday, October 24, Metro Public Works (MPW) will place new weight limit signs on Foster Avenue and adjacent streets for the Foster Avenue bridge over CSX Railroad. The new weight limits for the bridge, which is located approximately 1,500 feet north of Glenrose Avenue, are 10 tons for vehicles with two axles and 18 tons for trucks and buses with three or more axles.

The Foster Avenue bridge was constructed in the 1950’s and was designed for two (2) travel lanes and sidewalk on each side. As with all bridges maintained by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, the bridge is inspected every two years and is maintained through MPW’s Bridge Maintenance and Management Program. Load posting allows for safe vehicle use as bridges get older. Repairs have been made over the past few years as planning for the replacement of the bridge has moved forward. After over 60 years of service, the Foster Avenue bridge is currently in the design phase for replacement. The bridge will be load posted to further extend its service life while design plans are finalized.

Drivers of typical passenger cars and light duty pickup trucks will not be affected by the new weight limits. Alternate traffic routes will be required for two axel vehicles with weights greater than 10 tons and for vehicles with three or more axles with weights greater than 18 tons. Maps are attached showing the locations of the new signs on Foster Avenue and adjacent streets as well as detour routes.

Construction of the new bridge is anticipated to begin in Fall 2014 and last approximately 12 months.

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County maintains 377 bridges and overpasses throughout the County through the MPW Bridge Maintenance and Management Program.