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Mayor Congratulates Neighborhood Challenge Winners for Being Green, Healthy and Promoting Volunteerism


Hip Donelson, Elm Hill Acres and Fairlane Park Recognized

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Karl Dean today congratulated three neighborhoods that came out on top in each of the three categories of the 2013 Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge: Hip Donelson earned the most points in the Green challenge; Elm Hill Acres Neighborhood Association won in the Healthy challenge; and Fairlane Park Neighborhood Association succeeded in the Involved challenge for promoting volunteerism.

“These three neighborhoods went above and beyond in organizing volunteer projects, promoting energy efficiency and encouraging each other to lead healthy, active lives,” Mayor Dean said. “They epitomize the engaged residents and strong community groups that work hard to make their neighborhoods stronger. I congratulate all the participating neighborhoods for continually dedicating their time and effort toward our goal to make our city an even better place to live.”

The Neighborhood Challenge was a new initiative in 2013 to encourage and recognize Nashville neighborhoods in three areas that contribute to a high quality of life. It is the first challenge of its kind in the country, and it is being replicated in several other cities. More than 65 neighborhood associations, neighborhood watch groups, faith-based organizations and other groups that represent thousands of Nashvillians participated. It is patterned after Mayor Dean’s successful Mayor’s Workplace Challenge.

Each winning neighborhood receives an award that matches the category that they won. Mayor Dean will hold a tree planting event with Hip Donelson for winning the Green category. Neighbors will be given the opportunity to select where the trees will be planted. The Cumberland River Compact will be providing the trees and assistance with the planting.

Mayor Dean will host a healthy neighborhood meal provided by Whole Foods Market for Elm Hill Acres for succeeding in the Healthy category. Fairlane Park will get a free block party hosted by Mayor Dean and supported by Lipscomb University’s Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership for winning the Involved category. They will also receive free leadership training from alumni and staff at the Andrews Institute to help them better recruit and engage members.

Community partners in support of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge include Linda Peek Schacht of the Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership; Whole Foods Market; and the Cumberland River Compact.

The Mayor’s Neighborhood Challenge builds on the momentum of other Dean initiatives to improve the quality of life in Nashville, including the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge; the Mayor’s health challenges such as Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor, Mayor’s Field Day and the Mayor’s Challenge 5K Walk/Run; the Green Ribbon Committee Report and the NashVitality mobile app; and his Impact Nashville program as part of Cities of Service to increase civic engagement.