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Metro Public Works Paving/Right Of Way Manager, Don Reid, Presents on Nashville’s innovative Elm Hill Pike and Spence Lane Paving Project


Don ReidDon Reid, Metro Public Works Paving and Right-of-way Manager presented in front of hundreds of pavement professionals on Jan. 24th, on one of Metro’s highly successful and innovative paving projects – the Elm Hill Pike and Spence Lane paving project. Don’s presentation, “Metro Nashville Highly Polymer Modified Asphalt Project (Elm Hill Pike)” was delivered at the Annual TN Quality Asphalt Initiative which is hosted by TDOT in conjunction with the Road Builders Assn.

The presentation was widely regarded, and as one conference participant stated, “[The project] shows that Nashville is a leader in the paving profession.”

The use of innovative material such as the Highly polymer modified asphalt on industrial roadways such as Elm Hill Pike is designed to reduce extensive future rutting, shoving, fatigue cracking, various surface distresses for roadways and ultimately to provide a stronger and more resilient road surface relative to typical standard paving solutions.

Metro Public Works is proud of its dedicated professional staff members such as Don Reid, who work every day to ensure optimum service delivery to the citizens of and visitors to Nashville and Davidson County.

Before Paving

After Paving