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Fact Sheet: 46th Avenue North and Murphy Road Roundabout and Streetscape Project


NASHVILLE, Tenn. –The 46th Avenue North and Murphy Roadroundabout and streetscape project is a Complete Street project that balances multi-modal accessibility with aesthetic and quality of life improvements for area residents, visitors and businesses.  The project runs along the 46th  Avenue North/Murphy Road corridor between 44thAvenue North and Colorado Avenue.

“Sylvan Park is one of our most vibrant neighborhoods, and, as it continues to grow, we will see more motorists, walkers and bikers in the area,” Mayor Dean said. “A roundabout and new sidewalks will help drivers and pedestrians move around more safely as they travel to their homes, nearby local businesses and McCabe Park Community Center. Residents also will enjoy the new landscaping and lighting that will make this area an even more beautiful focal point in their neighborhood.”

  • Improvements include new sidewalks on 46th Avenue North/Murphy Road from 44th Avenue North to Colorado Avenue, 22 new on-street parking spots, new decorative street lighting and native landscaping in planting beds.
  • The intersection at 46th Avenue North and Murphy Road will become a new single lane urban roundabout. The newly constructed roundabout will include attractive plantings and large stones with up-lights in the center. 
  • Roundabout benefits include:
    • Safety: Roundabouts contain fewer conflict points where vehicles can get into an accident, as opposed to a four-way intersection.
    • Efficiency: Even though vehicles travel at slower speeds, they travel closer together and in a more free-flow nature, which means vehicles pass through roundabouts more quickly than through four-way intersections. Studies show that a roundabout can process about 30 percent more traffic than other types of intersections.
    • Aesthetics: The central island of the roundabout provides a location where native plants and attractive lighting will be placed.
  • The project will improve pedestrian access throughout the successful and active neighborhood commercial district, while improving traffic flow and maintaining access to local businesses. 
  • The project is estimated to cost $2.5 million, which was approved in the FY 2014 capital spending plan.
  • The project recently completed the design stage, and construction work will begin after the ceremonial groundbreaking.
  • The project is projected to be completed later this year.
  • The project team is led by Metro Public Works Engineering Division and includes Metro Parks and Recreation, Metro Water Services, RPM Transportation Consultants and Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Other Metro projects underway in the area include the Richland Creek Greenway Connector, which would complete the greenway loop around McCabe Park; a new sidewalk at Westlawn Drive and Sloan Road; and installation of new water and sewer lines on 46th Avenue North and on Colorado Avenue.