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Backyard Fire Pits Legal in Nashville?


Are Backyard Fire Pits Legal in Nashville?

The growing popularity of backyard fire pits and chimeneas has led to confusion about whether they are legal in Nashville.

Portable fireplaces ARE legal in Nashville for use at one-and two-family dwellings. Residents at one-and two-family homes may use portable outdoor fireplaces under the following conditions:
- They must be constructed of steel, concrete, clay or other noncombustible material
- They should be kept at least 15 feet from the dwelling
- Use only solid fuels like firewood
- Must be attended at all times by a responsible person with means for extinguishing the fire available immediately at hand

Portable fireplaces and grills are NOT allowed on porches and decks at multifamily homes such as condos and apartments.

For questions, you can call the Nashville Fire Marshal’s Office at 615-862-5230.