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Lawrence "Action" Jackson Retires after 23 years of Dedicated Public service


Lawrence Jackson at the retirement partyThanks to all of the many folks who came to Lawrence's retirement party to honor and celebrate a great man. As Tony Gonzales stated in his Tennessean article, “For 23 years, there's been no limit to the lengths Jackson would go to defend and declutter Nashville's neighborhoods. …Jackson has come to know the city like few others. And he has seen it all - literally traveling all of Davidson County's 2,200 miles of roads... He knows that territory - across one of the nation's most sprawling cities - at the most granular level, block by block. Along those routes, Jackson has done the unsung and often unseen work of cleaning neighborhoods. He has planted and handed out trees, reported dozens of cigarette-tossing litterbugs, gently confronted tire-dumping scofflaws and spoken to thousands of children and community leaders about recycling and neighborhood pride.” Read the entire article at The Tennessean

Lawrence Jackson's retirement party cake

Lawrence Jackson's retirement party Lawrence Jackson's retirement party