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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 13, 2015 – The marriage of arts and technology have produced another Explore Nashville Art Imageoffspring. This time, it is Metro Arts’, a new mobile platform that puts a directory of the city’s public art collection and cultural destinations at the user’s fingertips.

The mobile site includes the city’s 40 works of public art and more than 120 of the artworks included in the Arts in Public Places collection database. works on all mobile platforms and devices.

            “As our public art collection continues to expand into more neighborhoods across the community, more people are coming into contact with the art each day. Our new mobile site provides all the information people may want to know about individual pieces – title, artist, a description of the work – right there when they encounter the art,” said Jennifer Cole, executive director of Metro Arts. sorts the collection by location/neighborhood, titles and series. Additionally, there are maps on the site and links to additional audio and video content as well as a feature that allows individuals to submit public art as they see it across the city. The mobile site includes a geo-alert feature that pops up when a user nears an artwork.

            “We hope people will interact with the site and that they will take a driving, walking or biking tour of the collection. Our mobile site provides great navigation to chart them from one piece to the next. It’s a perfect guide to art in Nashville, and we hope it will provide a more in-depth experience of our public art,” said Cole.

Cole said the site funded by a $7,500 technology grant from the Nashville-based Frist Foundation.

About the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission (Metro Arts)

The Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission, a commission of the Metropolitan Nashville Government, provides leadership that stimulates and advances the arts to enrich the human experience for the community. Metro Arts receives operational support from the Tennessee Arts Commission, and additional information is available online at