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UPS Foundation, MPW Horticulturalist planted 50 trees - 8 different varieties - along the Cumberland River Greenway For a Greener and Even More Beautiful Nashville


Approximately 40 UPS Foundation volunteers planted 8 varieties of trees this past Friday, March 27 in the east section of Germantown, near the Cumberland River. This location was chosen as it was affected by the historic 2010 flood and has two intersecting greenways in an industrial area.

Prior to the tree planting, Jennifer Smith, Metro Horticulturalist, held a tree planting demonstration to review the proper way to plant a tree.

Metro Public Works, Metro Beautification and Environment Commission is pleased to be a recipient of the Keep America Beautiful and the United Parcel Service Community Tree Planting grant. This national award has been made possible through the UPS Foundation.

“Trees play an important role in the mitigation of stormwater and the prevention of soil erosion,” notes Metro Horticulturist Jennifer Smith. “We are pleased that Nashville was chosen for this award which not only funds the trees but also provides UPS workers who will volunteer to plant the trees. These trees will provide shade for the greenway and beautification to this industrial area.”

Among the tree varieties planted were Zelkova and forest pansy redbuds.

Digging holes for tree planting Digging holes for tree planting Putting tree roots in hole More tree planting Getting trees ready for planting
Participants in tree planting day