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Human Relations Commission Releases Diversity Tracking Platform & Updated Diversity Data


Nashville, TN — Code for Nashville and the Metro Human Relations Commission are excited to announce the launch of, a data visualization platform built to track workforce diversity within Metro government. The platform will capture the demographic data quarterly, render it in user-friendly charts and graphs, and track changes in the data over time.

Code for Nashville, a subsidiary of Code for America, is a volunteer non-profit organization that brings together civic activists dedicated to building better communities through technology. This is Code for Nashville’s first homegrown app and is the first utility built in collaboration between Code for Nashville and a public institution, free of charge, for the benefit of the community.

The online platform is part of a larger project by the Metro Human Relations Commission to analyze Metro’s workforce diversity and ensure transparency, following the January 2015 release of the Commission’s “IncluCivics Report.” Along with the launch of the online platform, the Commission has also released a recent Data Update to the report. The update provides a more robust data analysis, particularly with regard to gender diversity in 50 Metro departments.

“The new Data Update to our January report and this online platform are important for several reasons,” said Mel Fowler-Green, Director of the Human Relations Commission. “First, it is imperative to establish a baseline from which to assess our collective efforts at attaining a more diverse workforce in the future. It’s also important to track the numbers over time. Finally, it is a way to be transparent and to demonstrate accountability as recommended recently by the Mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee.”

Links to the Commission’s Inclucivics reports can be found on the Metro Human Relations Commission’s website.

For further information, contact:
Mel Fowler-Green
Executive Director