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LED Scrolling Signs Pilot Launched To Improve Safety for Pedestrians, Motorists And Cyclists


Metro Public Works has installed 2 LED signs in late July 2015 as a pilot project to make Nashville's streets safer for everyone who uses them, whether in a car, on foot, or on a bike.

One sign is located on the West side of KVB Bridge median traveling west and the other is at the intersection of Broadway & 9th Ave. traveling east

The signs scrolls through a variety of messages and are programmable as needed.

The signs were purchased by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. If the pilot is successful, more signs could be added to other locations throughout Nashville and Davidson County in the future.

Sign 1: Welcome to Nashville

Sign 2: No Parking symbol with date and location

Sign 3: Drive Safely with Buckle Up symbol

Sign 4: Watch for (bike, pedestrian sign)