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Lower Broadway Pilot Pedestrian Improvements Project (1st - 5th Avenues) Begins Aug. 11


Pilot project aims to reallocate existing space to increase safety and accessibility for all users on Lower Broadway

Metro Public Works in coordination with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, Nashville Downtown Partnership, and numerous area Businesses is launching a pilot program on Lower Broadway to maximize the safety and experience of all users beginning Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015.

The project includes expanding the very busy pedestrian area while at the same time, ensuring adequate loading zone space and parking, and reviewing best options to move all modes of transportation through the area.

"We’re implementing a range of transportation strategies to improve how individuals on foot, bike, or in a vehicle move around Nashville with the focus on improving public safety and convenience," said Public Works Chief Engineer, Mark Macy. "This pilot gives us the opportunity to work with the public and key stakeholders to see how various multi-modal measures can be implemented in dense areas to make traveling around our streets a safer and improved experience."

Lower Broadway currently has high pedestrian volume and low pedestrian space. 15,000 vehicles per day average this section of Nashville's downtown. The pilot project includes:

  • Placing portable inter-linking fencing/railing units to designate edge of an expanded pedestrian area from 1st to 5th Avenues - adding 6' of additional walking area
  • Creating dedicated loading zones for all modes of loading (deliveries, musicians, taxis, carriages, buses, etc.)
  • Adding a loading zone on the east side of 1st Avenue South near Broadway
  • Removing unnecessary or conflicting objects or fixtures from the right-of-way and/or within the sidewalk area such as signage and posts to improve signage consistency and maximize the path of travel
  • Establish Taxi stands on 2nd Ave South and 4th Ave South (northbound and southbound)
  • Continue prohibiting left turns onto Broadway from Northbound 4th Avenue
  • Continue “all red” traffic signals to allow exclusive pedestrian crossing phases

The pilot program will be under an evaluation period for approximately 3 months. During this time, Metro Public Works will be collecting field data and feedback, and working with stakeholders to evaluate best options for the future.The elements of the pilot may change as operations are monitored. Project comments may be submitted to Metro Public Works Customer Service Center either by calling 615-862-8750 or by completing our online customer service form.

Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions on Broadway during the pilot period.