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Metro Public Works Launches Campaign with Goal of Increasing Nashville’s Tree Canopy


“Shade the City, Plant More Trees”

Fall is the perfect time of year for planting trees, and the Metro Public Works Landscape Coordination program through the Beautification and Environment Commission is launching a campaign to encourage the planting of more trees. Planting season in Davidson County runs roughly October through March. It is best to plant trees close to their dormant period, when their leaves have dropped. Planting in fall and winter also avoids heat stress and requires less watering.

The campaign is made possible through funding by the USDA Forest Service through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry. The goal of the campaign is to encourage and educate the public on the importance of trees and the principles of planting, nurturing and sustaining a healthy tree population.

“Early in my first Council term, I passed legislation aimed at protecting our tree canopy in Nashville because of its importance to our environment and quality of life,” said Mayor Megan Barry. “I’m glad Public Works is undertaking this project to help more community members learn about the benefits of planting trees in their neighborhood.”

“This campaign allows us to further educate our community on the many benefits of trees and inspire us all into action,” said Mark Macy, Public Works Director. “I have no doubt that we can greatly improve and enhance our existing tree canopy with the help of our citizens.”

“The majority of the land in Metro Nashville is owned privately, so all citizens are being encouraged to get involved and plant a tree,” said Jennifer Smith, Metro Horticulturalist. “Planting trees builds community and adds health and beautification benefits.” Through the grant, Smith is available to talk to neighborhood, citizen, and other groups on how to organize a tree planting event for their organization.

The multifaceted campaign includes:

  • “Shade the City, Plant More Trees.” eye catching billboards will be placed on several streets throughout Nashville for two week periods.
  • A newly developed tree planting manual, “How to Organize a Successful Tree Planting”. The manual is available online, and outlines steps to hold a tree planting event including where, when, and what kinds of trees to plant. The goal is to help leaders plan and implement tree planting events for their school, business or neighborhood, organization. Additional funding for the manual was also provided by Trees Nashville.
  • Tree tags to be hung on trees in walkable public and private areas that will provide education on the environmental services that particular tree provides in terms of air quality and storm water services.

For more information on Nashville’s tree canopy and trees, go to

To sign-up for Metro’s horticulturalist to speak to your business or community group, contact customer service at 615-862-8750 or complete an online request.