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Halloween Safety Recommendations


October 28, 2015


As Halloween approaches, parents are urged to begin planning their children’s trick-or treat activities and schedule now, to include walking with them door to door.  As is the case every Halloween, Patrol and Flex officers will be paying very close attention to Nashville’s various neighborhoods on Halloween and will take very seriously any attempts to panic citizens by giving children harmful candy or by committing any type of disruptive behavior.
Citizens are urged to keep these safety recommendations in mind:  

•    Trick-or-treaters should carry flashlights.
•    Persons should give, and children should accept, only wrapped or packaged candy.
•    Children should bring their treats home for adult inspection before the candy is eaten.
•    Children should wear light-colored clothing that is short enough to prevent tripping. Reflective tape should be added.
•    Make sure children can see well enough through their face masks. Consider make-up or face paint as an alternative.
•    Keep costumed children away from pets, particularly dogs. The pet may not recognize the child, become frightened and react in a vicious manner.
•    Choose costumes that are flame retardant, and use props, such as magic wands and swords made out of foam rubber or cardboard, rather than metal or wood.

Convicted sex offenders on probation or parole are specifically restricted from any Halloween festivities and are not allowed to pass out candy or treats.  Additionally, convicted registered sex offenders who are not on probation or parole, but whose victims were minors, are prohibited from pretending to be, dress as, impersonate or otherwise assume the identity of a real or fictional person or character while in the presence of a minor or with the intent of enticing a minor.    
Halloween has been historically safe for Nashville, and officers will be working to ensure the same is true Saturday.  The MNPD will take a zero tolerance approach to criminal behavior as well as pranks that cross the line.