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2016 World Of Asphalt Sets Record Attendance in Nashville and Paving Season Has Begun


NASHVILLE, Tenn. –Paving season for Nashville and Davidson County has begun. In the Middle Tennessee region paving season coincides with the opening of asphalt plants which occurs early spring and lasts through late fall. This year it also coincided with the 2016 World of Asphalt Show & Conference that was held here in Nashville with a record-breaking nearly 9,000 attendees. This show brings the industry's leading manufacturers and service providers in the aggregate, asphalt, pavement maintenance, and traffic safety industry sectors together from across the United States as well as worldwide to showcase their latest products and technologies.

Public Works Paving and Right of Way Operations Manager, Don Reid was a speaker at this year’s conference and spoke about the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) process on Village Trail Road. This process rebuilds worn out asphalt pavements by recycling the existing roadway. FDR is an economical, in-place recycling alternative to road reconstruction that uses the old asphalt and base material for the new road. The recycled base will be stronger, more uniform, and more moisture resistant than the original base, resulting in a long, low-maintenance life.

During the past several weeks, work efforts have been focused on pothole filling and repairing streets and street surfaces that were compromised during the winter months. While pothole filling continues year round, the emphasis now turns to paving Nashville’s roads.

“The World of Asphalt selecting Nashville to host their 2016 conference shows Nashville is a leader in the paving profession, “ said Metro Public Works Paving and Right-of-Way Manager, Don Reid.  “Paving season has begun and paving, pavement repair and pavement preservation methods including fog-seal, crack sealing and infrared repair, are planned for streets throughout the county. “

One lane generally remains open to traffic during milling and paving operations, but motorists should be advised that there may be some delays or driving pattern shifts.

Metro Public Works’ paving program strives for 12 years of pavement life expectancy on roadways. A combination of preventative maintenance techniques are used to prolong the service life of roads year round. This year a new asphalt product called EZ Street will be incorporated into the paving process, allowing for permanent pavement repairs to be made. This specialized asphalt is a mixture custom made for this climate. It is quick, effective, works in water and all weather conditions, and requires a minimal installation crew.

This year’s capital budget includes $20 million dollars for paving. The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining over 5,800 road lane pavement miles made up of approximately 22,000 segments throughout Nashville and Davidson County.