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WalknBike Requests Feedback in Second Survey


Second Survey to Gather Information From Residents on their Priorities for Walking and Biking; Peer and Aspirational Cities Report Now Available Online

The WalknBike Project team has released its second survey to gather information from residents on their priorities for walking and biking in Nashville. Nearly 2000 Nashvillians took the WalknBike projects’ first survey providing their opinions and input on the state and walking and biking in Nashville. 3600 points, lines, and citizens comments have been recorded on the interactive project map. The WalknBike project team is now asking for additional input via this second survey to help understand how to prioritize sidewalk and bikeway improvements. This second survey digs deeper into public views, opinions, and needs with regard to making Nashville more walkable and bikeable. Specifically, the WalknBike team will use results from the survey to gather information on residents values and priorities for location, policy and design elements, which will inform the countywide strategic plan. The survey will be available online through July 31 and will also be available at various meetings, community events, and pop-up events and locations throughout the summer.

In addition to the online survey to assess Nashvillians perspectives and priorities, the WalknBike team just completed a Peer and Aspirational Cities report to understand Nashville’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, policies, and programs in relation to peer cities in the United States (cities that are similar in demographics, land area, and other factors including Indianapolis, Louisville, Memphis, and Raleigh), as well as to aspirational cities, Austin, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, which Nashville strives to model based on the safety and friendliness of its pedestrian and bicycling environment.

The WalknBike project team will continue to collect feedback at events and locations throughout the county this summer. In addition to the robust public engagement process and evaluation of peer and aspirational cities, the WalknBike project will include an updated inventory of Davidson County’s sidewalks and bikeways, modernized project prioritization, and new tools to provide easier access to information about implementation and program progress. The next Steering Committee Meeting is Thursday, August 4 at 8 a.m. at The Martin Center, 2400 Fairfax Ave, Nashville TN 37212.

A number of Metro agencies in addition to Metro Public Works are also working on long-term strategic plans including Metro Parks and Recreation’s ‘Plan to Play’, and Metro Transit Authority’s ‘InMotion’. These initiatives are working together to ensure Mayor Megan Barry’s vision for a world-class multi-modal transportation system is realized. Metro government departments are sharing information and planning joint community meetings and events on these plans throughout the process to make it easy for the community to provide feedback on all 3 plans and ultimately to ensure as Nashville continues to grow, the systems and services that improve our quality of life and ensure Nashville is and remains a vibrant city are aligned.

Toward this effort, citizens can take a survey for “WalknBike’, ‘InMotion’ and ‘Plan to Play’ and help Nashville prioritize strategic, equitable investment in our sidewalks, bikeways, parks, and transit system: