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Why We Do What We Do - Summer Internship


The Metro Summer Internship Program is a short-term learning and employment opportunity for Nashville Davidson County youth. Participants are assigned to work at a Metro Department for twenty hours per week during a four week period. In addition, both before and throughout the program, all participants will receive opportunities for skill building and training in select fields across various Metro departments. Participants are compensated for their time while enrolled in the internship.

During their orientation on May 31, Mayor Megan Barry made a visit to speak to the students about Metro government and the importance of skill building in the workplace. Positions ranged from working at the Mayor’s Office, Metro Parks, Nashville International Airport, and many more Metro office’s across Davidson county. By placing students at locations according to their interests, they are able to get a greater feel for what jobs they may be interested in the future. One student, who had been placed in the Finance department, enjoyed her experience so much that she had felt she had found her calling and has since planned to pursue a degree in accounting.

Thanks to the support and vision of Mayor Barry, the program has tripled in size, from the past year, to 150 students!

Having a program that helps youth start the process of honing their real-world skills in a workplace environment is ideal for both personal and professional growth. We strive to engage, prepare and empower the youth of Nashville Davidson County to meet the demands of our growing global economy. “You learn to work by working, for many of these students, this is their first opportunity to be engaged in the workforce. The more exposure they have to different career paths and work environments, the better prepared they are to navigate today’s complex labor market.,” Paul Haynes, Executive Director of NCAC and the Middle Tennessee Workforce Development Board. Our purpose is to provide young men and women with a true learning experience, not just a job. Participants not only learn workplace skills, transferable and soft skills, but they learn about themselves throughout this process.