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Burnett Road Quarry Site Developers Working With Public Works To Mitigate Development Impact


Burnett Road Quarry Site, 771 Burnett Road, Old Hickory Tennessee

The developer of a proposed rock quarry, Industrial Land Developers, on Burnett Road is working with the Department of Public Works to determine appropriate and reasonable roadway improvements in order to mitigate the impact of the development. The planned Burnett Road Site facility includes Mineral Extraction (rock quarry) and accessory uses such as such as an asphalt plant, concrete plant, and a concrete block plant. The rock quarry will be developed first, and the accessory uses expected to be operational is within two years.

Traffic studies to review of traffic counts, intersection geometrics, sight distance, turning radius, existing pavement condition and analysis, and other traffic related criteria related to development (See Traffic Study and Traffic Study Appendix for full description of study area) have been completed, and the following roadway improvements are required to be provided by the developer to mitigate impacts to traffic and infrastructure:

  1. a left-turn lane at the site entrance
  2. a repair bond/insurance for Burnett Road
  3. widening and paving of Swinging Bridge Road