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Eddie George and Dr. Shawn Joseph to Co-Chair Mayor’s Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Building upon Metro’s national leadership in efforts to promote financial inclusion, Mayor Megan Barry has convened an Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee to be co-chaired by Eddie George, managing partner of Edward George Wealth Management Group, and Dr. Shawn Joseph, director of Metro Nashville Public Schools.

“Empowering our residents with the tools necessary to improve their lives is a key focus of my administration,” said Mayor Barry. “I’m grateful to Eddie George, Dr. Shawn Joseph, and the entire Committee for their commitment to finding new and more powerful ways to support economic inclusion in Nashville. Financial inclusion means all Nashvillians have the ability to take charge of their finances.”

Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee press conference

The focus of the Committee will be to determine and develop a “Nashville Vision” that provides a comprehensive approach that empowers low and moderate income Nashvillians towards financial inclusion. Economic inclusion isn’t simply addressing one component or criteria of someone’s financial ecosystem, but supports individuals by creating an educational foundation, empowered decision making and reducing barriers to entering the financial marketplace. This happens with a collective approach pulling together formal education opportunities with informal organization-based empowerment training, driving this knowledge towards capability.

“Throughout my career in the NFL and as an Entrepreneur, I’ve known fellow players and colleagues who lost millions because they didn’t have a deep enough understanding of their finances to plan for their futures,” said George. “We need to make sure everyone has access to the services and programs necessary to invest now in their future in a way that will lead to a better quality of life.”

"Financial literacy brings two-fold benefits to our students," said Dr. Joseph. "The immediate impact is that our families can find more sound financial footing, which as we know brings greater equity in education. This is also an investment in our future, as financial literacy is an important component of a well-rounded education. We need to make sure Nashville's youth are prepared to make the right decisions as they move into adulthood."

The Committee will consist of three subcommittee working groups focused on the issues of financial literacy, financial empowerment, and financial capability.

Financial Literacy Subcommittee

Financial Literacy is skills and knowledge being delivered by formal education that teaches students to make effective decisions through their understanding of finances.

  • Dr. Shawn Joseph, subcommittee chair, Director of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
  • Dean Eric Johnson, Vanderbilt University, Owen School of Business Management
  • Jackie Morgan, Senior Economic and Financial Education Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank
  • Jamie Woodson, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, S.C.O.R.E
  • Carol Yochem, President, Middle Tennessee Market, First Tennessee
  • Kent Oliver, Director, Nashville Public Library

Financial Empowerment Subcommittee

Financial empowerment occurs in informal opportunities with organizations to assist individuals to use or develop financial management knowledge, skills, and tools to access resources, products and services to achieve their goals.

  • Eddie George, subcommittee chair, Managing Partner, Edward George Wealth Management Group
  • Joanne Pulles, President, The HCA Foundation and the HCA Hope Fund
  • Tracey Dill, Director of Financial Stability, United Way of Metropolitan Nashville
  • Martha Silva, Director of Economic Integration Initiatives, Conexion Americas
  • Jarrett Strickland, Investment Advisor, Molette Investment Services
  • Robert Stokes, Financial Management Advisor, Edward Jones Financial

Financial Capability Subcommittee

Financial capability is the capacity, based on knowledge, skills and access, to manage financial resources effectively.

  • Justice William C. Koch, subcommittee chair, Dean, Nashville School of Law
  • State Senator Jeff Yarbro, Counsel, Bass Berry & Sims
  • Sarah Sanders Teague, Senior Vice President, Pinnacle Financial Partners
  • Carolyn Schott, Member Attorney, Sherrard, Roe, Voigt and Harbison
  • Brandon Puttbrese, Account Executive, GS&F Public Relations

During the press conference, Mayor Barry and the Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee accepted a generous donation of $30,000 from Voya Retirement CEO Charlie Nelson that will help to fund financial empowerment for Nashville residents through the Mayor’s Financial Empowerment Center.

“The earlier someone starts planning for retirement, the more likely they are to live a more enjoyable and comfortable life in their golden years,” said Nelson. “At Voya Financial, we fully support and appreciate Mayor Barry and the FEC’s efforts to empower residents to make better decisions for their future and their families.”

The Committee will meet over the next three quarters to produce a report of recommendations for the Mayor by the end of 2017 which will help to guide the city’s financial empowerment efforts.