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Election Commission Hears League of Women Voters Poll Watching Report


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The League of Women Voters of Nashville (LWV) praised Poll Officials and concurred the voting process went smoothly during the November Presidential and State General Election.

LWV trained 26 volunteer poll watchers, who were credentialed by the Davidson County Election Commission and observed various polling sites across the county on Election Day November 8.

Debby Gould, president of the League of Women Voters of Nashville, presented the Poll Watching Report during Monday’s meeting of the Davidson County Election Commissioners.

“Our report concurs that the overall voting process in Davidson County went smoothly and that poll workers were helpful and patient,” Gould said. “Most precincts had short wait times for voting and were fully staffed.”

The LWV report highlighted that voters with “Change of Address” requests had longer wait times and it was the “single area of greatest confusion for voters who were surprised that this step was necessary in order to vote.”

Poll watchers also observed “a handful of voters who believed that they were already registered because they checked the appropriate form at the DMV when they applied for a driver’s license, but did not realize that they needed to complete a separate registration form.”

Tennessee’s transition to an online voter registration option in July 2017 should make it easier for voters to register and update their records prior to Election Day. 

“One of our poll watchers said ‘the poll workers made me proud to be a Nashvillian – polite, knowledgeable, charming, welcoming, efficient, well organized’,” Gould reported. “We applaud the Election Commission for its efforts in recruiting and training poll workers for this election.”

Election Commission Chair Jim DeLanis thanked Gould and LWV members for serving as poll watchers and sharing its report.