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Gunman Fatally Wounded in Cayce Homes During Confrontation with MNPD Officer



Jocques Scott Clemmons, 31, the gunman shot by East Precinct Flex Officer Josh Lippert shortly after 1 p.m. today on S. 6th Street in the James Cayce public housing development, died during surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Lippert fired on Clemmons, who was carrying a fully loaded .357 magnum pistol, after a physical confrontation.

Lippert, who was in full uniform driving an unmarked police car, saw Clemmons run a stop sign from a parking lot that empties onto S. 6th Street. Clemmons had parked his SUV outside a Cayce Homes building and was getting out when Lippert drove up to talk with him about running the stop sign. Cayce Homes video shows Clemmons move toward Lippert in an apparent effort to get around him. Clemmons stopped short of Lippert, turned around, and ran through the parking lot. Lippert said he appeared to be clutching something in his waistband. Lippert gave chase and soon caught up with Clemmons. A physical confrontation ensued as Lippert attempted to take Clemmons into custody. Clemmons went to the ground, at which point the .357 magnum dropped to the concrete. Lippert spotted the gun and attempted to kick at it and Clemmons’ arm to prevent him from picking it up. Clemmons retrieved the pistol. Despite repeated commands from Lippert for Clemmons to drop the gun, Clemmons refused. Clemmons and Lippert were within a few feet of each other as Clemmons continued to move with gun in hand. Lippert, believing he was in imminent danger, fired on Clemmons just as Clemmons was turning to move between two parked vehicles. Lippert fired three times. Clemmons was hit in the left hip and twice in the back.

After Clemmons was hit, Lippert and fellow officers rendered first aid until Fire Department personnel arrived. Officer Lippert retrieved Clemmons’ gun from the parking lot and placed it into a police car for safekeeping. The gun was on a police car floorboard when it was photographed (see attached picture of the weapon).

Clemmons was convicted of a cocaine felony in 2014 and received an eight-year probated sentence. As a convicted felon, it would be a violation of both state and federal law to possess the pistol. It is not known why Clemmons reacted the way he did to Officer Lippert. The fact that he was illegally carrying a gun in public housing may have been the reason.

Lippert, a five-year veteran, is on routine administrative assignment while the shooting is investigated. Members of the District Attorney’s Office were also on the scene, as is protocol in officer-involved shootings.

East Precinct Flex Units have stepped up their visibility in Cayce Homes after an increase in the number of aggravated assaults in the area. Through February 7 there had been 36 in 2017, compared to 10 during the same period last year.


Mug shot of Jocques Scott Clemmons, 31
Jocques Scott Clemmons, 31

Photo of Officer Joshua Lippert
Officer Joshua Lippert

Photo of gun
.357 Magnum

Photo of Officer Lippert's police car
Officer Lippert's Police Car and Clemmons' SUV

Surveillance camera footage of this afternoon’s confrontation and scuffles that led to the shooting of gunman Jocques Scott Clemmons by East Precinct Flex Officer Josh Lippert:

: 03—Clemmons runs stop sign
:16—Officer Lippert pulls into lot to talk to Clemmons
:36—Lippert rushed and rammed by Clemmons

Zoomed and Slow Motion—Lippert rushed and rammed by Clemmons

:37—Lippert & Clemmons scuffle
:38—Clemmons and gun on pavement

Lippert calls for backup and medical assistance

8:08—Nashville Fire Department arrives
:05—Lippert and Clemmons scuffle
:07—Clemmons and gun on pavement
1:37—Backup Officer arrives

Zoomed version of above clip

:07—Clemmons and gun on pavement
:13—Clemmons drops gun; Lippert kicks at gun and Clemmons arm
:27—Lippert recovers Clemmons’ gun

Zoomed and slow motion version of above clip

:16—Lippert with Taser drawn
Sees Clemmons' pistol and holsters Taser
:20—Lippert draws pistol
:22—Clemmons drops gun on pavement a second time and Lippert kicks at it and Clemmons arm