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Mayor Barry Announces Incentives for Veteran Housing


MDHA approves incentives for Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) voucher acceptance by landlords

Mayor Megan Barry has announced Nashville’s first incentive program to encourage owners/landlords in Davidson County to rent their units to homeless Veterans who are eligible for rental assistance under the Metro Development and Housing Agency’s VASH program. The program has the capacity to lead to an immediate uptick in housing for veterans through MDHA. The immediate need for hero housing prompted this collaborative plan to add funding to support Veterans.

“After serving their country, putting their bodies and souls on the line to defend the rest of us, Veterans deserve a place to call home. On Veterans Day, I had the opportunity to walk the parade route with two formerly homeless veterans. Their lives were changed by the VASH program, and their stories encouraged us to aim to help more Veterans have housing opportunities,” said Mayor Megan Barry. “I hope landlords will participate in this program, spread the word, and help our community to repay part of the huge debt we owe to these heroes.”

Participating landlords will be eligible for a lease signing bonus and for payment of unpaid rent or damages after a VASH participant moves from a unit. These incentives apply to any new Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contracts.

VASH participants receive subsidized rent and moving assistance through the voucher program.

“We are grateful for the Mayor’s commitment to this initiative to encourage landlords to make units available to our homeless Veterans,” said MDHA Executive Director Jim Harbison. “We expect that these new efforts will result in an increase in the number of landlords who will accept vouchers, which in turn will reduce the homeless Veteran population in Nashville.”

Funding for landlord incentives via the VASH program will be included in an upcoming $1 million supplemental request to the Metro Council which will also include funds for the Housing Incentive Pilot Program.

If you are a landlord/owner and would like to make a unit available to an eligible homeless Veteran, please contact Diana Reado, MDHA VASH Program Outreach Coordinator, at, or by phone at 615-782-3950.