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Youth Spotlight: Julie's Story


Julie in graduation attire with robes, sashes, and medals

Julie, graduate of John Overton High School, now finds herself walking the halls of Vanderbilt University. This first generation student is thankful for the chance to intern this summer. "This program offers me so much more than getting kids off the street. It offered me an opportunity that I would have struggled to find in college. It provided me with valuable skills and connections that I am sure I will value for years to come.”

After seeing posters in the hallways, Julie and her friend decided to apply. “My internship was better than I expected. I didn’t expect to get an actual tech job.”

This summer, Julie interned with BUILT Technology where she developed technical, teamwork, and creativity skills. “I think those skills are applicable in any job.” Her main projects include email data analysis and developing workflow information for BUILT presentations.

Julie now continues her internship with BUILT through her freshman year of college. "I was nearing my end of the six weeks and I asked them to keep me. Two weeks later as summer was coming to an end, they asked me to continue on during my school year.”

Julie’s advice to other youth is to take the opportunity in front of you and make the most of it. "Take the job that wants you. At first, I wasn’t interested in finance. I would tell someone to go for it. Even though you might night like it, go for it. You just never know.”

Though Opportunity NOW, Julie and Nashville youth alike were given the chance to cultivate skills and get real life work experience.