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Metro Water Services Releases The 2017 Consumer Confidence Report

Metro Water Services

Metro Water Services is pleased to announce that the 2017 Consumer Confidence Report is
available online at

The annual water quality report is required by the U.S. EPA and confirms the safety and quality
of the water supplied by the two Metro Water Services water treatment plants, Omohundro and
K.R. Harrington. The report describes testing, substances detected, the levels of those substances
and our compliance with drinking water regulations. In addition, it includes information
regarding the water treatment process, the state of our water source, the Cumberland River, and
important contact information.

Specialists in the Metro Water Services Analytical Research Laboratory monitor for
approximately 105 regulated and unregulated contaminants in drinking water, many of which
occur naturally. Stringent monitoring ensures that disinfection and treatment effectively preserve
public health and that Nashville’s water complies with all applicable drinking water regulations.
We collect samples from the Cumberland River, the distribution system, and customers' taps for
regulatory compliance.

Metro Water Services is pleased to report that test results reveal our drinking water is well within
the designated limits, and meets or exceeds all water-quality health standards set by the EPA as
well as all state and federal requirements.

Customers may obtain paper copies of the report by contacting (615) 862-4600.