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Metro Public Health Department Announces Online Pet Licensing System


Metro Public Health Department (MPHD) is excited to announce the launch of a new online pet licensing system that will make it easier not only for dog and cat lovers to protect their pets, but also for them to comply with the law.

"Online Pet Licensing Renewal builds on the health departments commitment for enhanced customer service and allows for our department to be more open and accessible to the people we serve," said Bill Paul, M.D., M.P.H., Director of Health for Nashville/Davidson County. "Licensing your dog or cat has never been so simple," said Dr. Paul.  "A license can help keep your pet safe and healthy - and it's required by law. We urge all Nashville residents to tag their pet online today."

Dog and cat owners are legally required to license their pets and renew licenses. Rabies vaccinations typically last either one or three years (depending on the vaccination administered by your animal's veterinarian). The fee for a one-year license renewal is $8.00 and 3-year license renewal is $24.00. Pet owners will be required to upload vaccination documentation at the time of purchase or send the information via email to MPHD.  Once payment has been accepted and the vaccination information has been verified the appropriate one or three year tag will be mailed out.

Online pet licensing is part of the City's continuing effort make it easier to access its services using technology. By choosing to renew dog licenses online, owners will receive tags within 10 to 14 business days after an order is placed online.