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Gift Cards for Guns Event Set for Saturday, November 4



As part of the continuing effort to reduce gun violence, particularly among young persons, Chief Steve Anderson today announced that the MNPD, in association with local clergy members and Nashville Crime Stoppers, will hold a Gift Cards for Guns event on Saturday, November 4, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., at Greater Revelations Missionary Baptist Church, 1027 12th Avenue North, just off Jefferson Street.

“We are asking all parents and guardians of juveniles, particularly teenagers, to seriously ask themselves whether there is an unwanted firearm in the home that could potentially be carried unlawfully by a teen,” Chief Anderson said. “There may also be situations where a person wants to get an unwanted gun out of the house, but did not know how to do so responsibly. This Gift Cards for Guns event affords that opportunity.”

Each Davidson County resident or family unit turning in a REAL gun(s) during the event will receive a $50 MAPCO gift card that can be used for the purchase of gasoline, AND a $25 Kroger gift card that can be used to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey, ham, or other elements of a family holiday meal (1 MAPCO card & 1 Kroger card per person/family unit). No questions will be asked of those surrendering firearms.

This will be the MNPD’s 6th Gift Cards for Guns initiative since 2011. A total of 460 firearms were turned in during the five previous events.

“As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is especially important that we take the time to think about our loved ones, especially children, and whether there are things we can do to help keep them safe. An unwanted gun brought in during the Gift Cards for Guns event is one less firearm that could fall into the wrong hands,” Chief Anderson said.

This event is co-sponsored by Nashville Crime Stoppers and local pastors, who will all be on hand at Greater Revelations Missionary Baptist Church on the morning of November 4. Officers from the MNPD Training Academy will be in the church parking lot to receive the guns, ensure that they are unloaded and do not pose any immediate danger. The weapons will then be turned over to an officer from the police department’s property room.

“I have personally seen the heartbreak of families whose loved ones, including teenagers, have been killed by gunfire,” said Rev. Adric Lane, pastor of Greater Revelations Church and a Youth Intervention Chaplain. “This program is of tremendous benefit if it prevents even one gun from falling into the wrong hands and being used to take a human life.”