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18-Year-Old Antonio Jones Being Charged with Today's Murder on MTA Bus



Madison Precinct detectives are charging 18-year-old Antonio S. Jones with criminal homicide for this afternoon’s fatal shooting of an 18-year-old acquaintance on an MTA bus in Madison.

The shooting occurred at noon as the bus traveled in-bound on Gallatin Pike at E. Webster Street. Jones and the 18-year-old victim, who had apparently been in a dating relationship with a member of Jones’ family, both boarded the bus a short time earlier outside the Madison Library. Witnesses reported that only a few words between the two men preceded the shooting. Moments after the shot was fired, the bus pulled over at MTA’s Gallatin Pike/Due West Avenue stop. Jones and his girlfriend, who was carrying an infant, fled the bus in opposite directions. Officers located and detained the girlfriend on Due West Avenue. A relative drove Jones to the police department’s East Precinct where he surrendered. Jones was taken to the Madison Precinct, where he declined to be interviewed.

Efforts are continuing to locate family members of the 18-year-old victim.


Antonio S. Jones, 18