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Proactive Action Plan for Standby Energy Concludes With Removal of Temporary Equipment


Bridgestone Arena Standby Energy

The temporary equipment at Bridgestone Arena was removed February 14 2018 since blasting has been complete without incident on the new 5th and Broadway development site. The equipment was temporarily put in place to ensure non interruption of service.


The Bridgestone Arena is an initial system customer of the Metro District Energy System utilizing both steam and chilled water for heating, cooling and process use. In addition, DES provided chilled water is used for generation and maintaining ice in the arena for professional ice hockey and other programs.

Out of an abundance of caution, and given the significant heavy construction taking place in close proximity to the Arena and the MDES service tunnel, the Contract Administrator has tasked Constellation NewEnergy Inc. (CNE) to provide Stand-By Chilled Water and Steam Services utilizing temporary equipment in the unlikely event of disruption of services. Trailer-mounted air-cooled chillers have been placed on the Broadway sidewalk and steam production equipment has been installed along the west sidewalk of 6th Street. The steam system has been connected to the facility with appropriate power and service pipelines lines in the event that temporary services are needed. Emergency generators are in standby and will be delivered to the site in the event temporary services are needed. The temporary equipment, which includes 3 five hundred-ton chillers, is fenced off from public access although visible to pedestrians and traffic. Emergency fuel delivery service has also been put in place and personnel training and system testing has been completed to ensure capacity for rapid activation and safe operation in the event that temporary services are needed.