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Killer of High School Student During a Home Invasion Robbery Identified as Murder Victim



North Precinct detectives now know the identity of the gun wielding robber who shot and killed 17-year-old Ja’Donte Hancock Jr. (also known as Ja’Donte Thompson) during a home invasion at his 1071 Capitol Point residence last December 5th.

Ja’Donte’s killer is identified as Davario Kendricks, 20, who was murdered inside a car at 1511 Jefferson Street on the morning of Saturday, January 6th.  Two men have been charged with Kendricks’ shooting death.

After seeing media accounts of Kendricks’ murder and a photograph of him, Ja’Donte’s parents immediately recognized Kendricks as the gunman who killed their son and contacted Detective Gary Shannon, the lead investigator in Ja’Donte’s murder.  During subsequent interviews with the parents, they picked Kendricks out of a photo lineup and are adamant that he is responsible for Ja’Donte’s death.  Kendricks was a complete stranger to the family.

Two men kicked their way into the Capitol Point residence just before midnight on December 5th.  They went to the area of the bedrooms and demanded money.  Ja’Donte scuffled with one of the men, now identified as Kendricks, and was fatally shot.  Kendricks is also identified as the man who pistol-whipped Ja’Donte’s stepfather, Joseph Patton.

Detective Shannon’s investigation is continuing as he works to identify Kendricks’ accomplice in the home invasion.                                                             


Davario Kendricks, 20

Ja'Donte (Hancock) Thompson, 17

Ja'Donte (Hancock) Thompson, 17