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Nashville OEM Monitoring Rain and Flooding Possibilities

Joseph Pleasant, Public Information Officer


Davidson County remains under a Flood Watch Thursday

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 1, 2018) – The Nashville Office of Emergency Management is monitoring the rainfall and flood prone areas. In coordination with Metro Water Services, Metro Police, Nashville Fire Department and the Mayor’s Office, OEM is ready to respond to any issues that may arise due to flooding.

OEM remains in close contact with the US Army Corps of Engineer and the National Weather Service.

Metro Water Services has been proactive by having personnel conduct storm drain assessments. Crews have been out clearing debris from storm drains in order to prevent flooding as well as ponding on roadways in known trouble areas.

Isolated flooding is typically caused by trash and debris blocking storm drains and inlets. Metro Water Services crews have specific problem areas called “rain routes” that crews check prior to storms. Metro Water Services crews also revisit prior flood areas in districts.

Nashville residents can help prevent blockages and potential isolated flooding by being responsible and properly disposing of litter and yard debris. Checking nearby storm drains prior to rain events and removing any trash or debris on the grate will help storm water flow properly.

Residents are asked to call 615-862-4600 if they see roadway ponding or experience flooding.

We encourage all Nashville residents to know their flood hazard risks, monitor the situation and take proper flood safety precautions. More information is available on the website at

In the event flooding becomes more of an issue than expected, Public Works and Metro Police are ready to block off roadways or areas of concerns. If the need arises for any type of evacuations or water rescues, we have both Nashville Fire Department and OEM Swift Teams readily available to respond.

Drivers are reminded “Turn around Don’t Drown.” Whether driving or walking if you approach a flooded area to not continue through it. You do not know the condition or hazards of the roadway or what lies under the water.