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Mayor Briley Calls on Residents to Sign the Declaration Of Transportation Independence to Protect Fundamental Freedoms of Access and Mobility


In advance of the May 1 transit referendum, Mayor David Briley unveiled and signed the Declaration of Transportation Independence and called on Nashvillians to add their own signature at what is a historically significant moment for the city.

“This is the day we make a choice to create an infrastructure that will support the city for years to come, and Nashville has a long history of making the right choices,” said Mayor Briley. “The transportation declaration of independence is really all about our fundamental freedoms. It’s about giving everyone the chance to have access to reliable and consistent transit regardless of race, economic status or the neighborhood they live in.

Mayor Briley signed the declaration and its accompanying Transportation Bill of Rights at the national Smart Growth America conference during a discussion with former New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner and acclaimed author Janette Sadik-Khan.

The declaration states that transportation independence will provide all Nashvillians with reliable, safe and affordable transit options so they can live and work where they choose.

“The first step is to invest in a transit network that serves everyone, that can move more people faster, and that provides affordable options for those who need it most. This is about establishing a better future for ourselves, for our families and for Nashville,” said Mayor Briley.