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Fact Sheet: Downtown Homelessness Service Center and Housing Proposal


10/16/2018 – Revised

10/18/2018 – Revised

Metro has received updated appraisals per BL2018-1282. The appraisal firm updated current values and provided new prospective values based on the appraiser’s interpretation of BL2018-1282.The assumptions used by the firm for prospective values are explained in the cover letters, pages 1-3.

Updated appraisal information

600 Church Street

$3,650,000 – 11/20/17
$3,950,000 – 10/12/18 (Current)
$4,620,000 – 10/12/18 (Prospective)

301 James Robertson Parkway

$3,370,000 – 11/20/17
$3,680,000 – 10/12/18 (Current)
$3,680,000 – 10/12/18 (Prospective)

According to the Metro Homeless Impact Division, more than 1,000 people in the downtown area are experiencing the crisis of homelessness. As a result of insufficient housing and services downtown, there are public spaces, such as Church Street Park and the library, that are being used for activities they were not designed for, which create safety, hygiene, and other issues that must be addressed. Giarratana LLC has submitted a proposal to Metro that would help create at least 100 units of permanent supportive housing and co-located homeless services downtown, and revitalize Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd, without adversely impacting access to park space for residents.


  • Acquires 0.26 acres at 301 James Robertson Parkway with appraised value of $3,370,000 and uses $2,000,000 payment from Giarratana LLC to create a new park there.
  • Uses up to $25,000,000 in general obligation bonds approved for affordable housing to construct a LEED-certified homeless service center with at least 100 units of permanent supportive housing at 505 2nd Ave N.

Giarratana LLC

  • Acquires 0.27 acres at 600 Church Street with appraised value of $3,650,000.
  • Pays $2,000,000 to fund construction of the new park at 301 James Robertson Parkway.
  • Invests up to $5,000,000 in upgrades to Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd between Church and Union.
  • At no charge, provides assistance to Metro in project development and construction oversight of homeless service center and housing at 505 2nd Avenue N.
  • Builds a new tower at 600 Church Street, generating an estimated $2,000,000 annually in new tax revenue, a portion of which could be used toward debt service and/or operational costs for 505 2nd Avenue N, subject to approval by Metro Council.

Key Benefits

  • Housing and Homeless Services: 100+ units of permanent supportive housing and services dedicated to overcoming street homelessness. Permanent supportive housing combines low-barrier affordable housing, health services, and other supportive services to allow people who have been homeless to maintain housing stability and reduce costs to public service systems, such as health care.
  • Park Access: No net loss of park space or negative impact on access for downtown residents. The Metro Parks master plan, Plan-To-Play, measures access according to the number of people within a ten-minute walk to park space. Metro Planning compared the ten-minute walk shed at 600 Church Street to the ten-minute walk shed at 301 James Robertson Parkway, where the new park would be built, and found that there are 24% more residents within a ten-minute walk from 301 James Robertson compared to Church Street Park today. Further, the proposal has no effect on total access to parks for downtown residents (i.e. 10-minute walk to any park).
  • Historical Significance: Converting 301 James Robertson into a park provides an opportunity to further develop area into a destination paying tribute to African American history in Nashville, highlighting the historical significance of adjacent Sunday School Publishing Board property.
  • Street Scape: Activating Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd and creating an attractive, pedestrian-friendly connection and street scape between the Downtown Public Library and Legislative Plaza.

*All subject to approval by Parks Board, Planning Commission, MDHA, and Metro Council