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Beer Board Executive Director Presents Department Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019


On May 9, 2018, Benton McDonough, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Beer Permit Board, presented the department’s budget to the Metro Council for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2018-2019. Mayor Briley asked all departments to submit a status quo budget, meaning the same budget from the previous year. Mr. McDonough submitted a status quo budget with the exception of requesting an additional $5,800 for regulatory operations. The mayor included this additional request in his final budget presented to the Council. Mr. McDonough lauded the inclusion of the additional funds, saying, “This additional funding will enable us to carry out the necessary compliance checks in coordination with our partners at the Metro Police Department, Youth Services, as we strive to protect the public on a daily basis.”

Mr. McDonough went on to describe the upgrades that have taken place within the department since his tenure began as “small tweaks with maximum impact”. Some of the changes include: changes and upgrades to our board rules, improve an outdated privilege tax proration system, acceptance of personal and business checks, creating a new electronic application, technology upgrades in the field, use of inspectors’ office hours, utilizing FAQs, and improving upon our relationships with other community groups and government entities.

The presentation may be viewed in its entirety on our YouTube channel. For questions or comments, contact the Beer Board at: 615-862-6751 or email: