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Beer Board Electronic Application Coming Soon


The first eleven months of Benton McDonough’s tenure have produced significant changes in business and application processes at the Metro Beer Board. In addition to improvements to the internal processes, Mr. McDonough and Inspector Terrence Darby have spearheaded the creation and implementation of an electronic application. Mr. McDonough points out that the planning started well before the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) rolled out their new electronic system; however, he stresses the importance of learning from the state’s implementation to enhance the customer’s experience. Mr. McDonough goes on to say, “We want the application process to be as smooth and streamlined as possible for our customers. In today’s technologically advanced world, it makes little sense to require every single applicant to submit a paper application in person. While a paper application may still be an option, we see a large number of applicants and investors who live outside of Nashville or even the state of Tennessee. That makes it necessary to find a solution that will allow a person to apply via electronic means, while also implementing a system that safeguards the applicant’s Personal Identifying Information (PII).”

Permit holders already have the ability to pay their privilege tax via electronic means through the ePermits system. Mr. McDonough points out that the department will be utilizing the structure already in place using ePermits and will build out from there. While there is no definitive start date for electronic applications, the Beer Board staff will be conducting final tests on the system this week before final implementation.

For questions or comments, contact the Beer Board at: 615-862-6751 or email: