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Beer Board Executive Director Lauds Inspectors’ Office Hours as a Success


In addition to upgrading some of the internal systems in place at the beginning of his tenure, Benton McDonough, Executive Director of the Metro Beer Board, was tasked with improving the department’s outreach to the public and other government or community entities. Mr. McDonough praises his team for their ideas as well as their openness and willingness to trying new approaches. One idea was the creation of the Inspectors’ Office Hours. Every Monday from 7:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m., a permit holder, applicant, or a general member of the public can schedule an appointment to discuss matters of beer board rules and regulations with a Beer Board inspector. Mr. McDonough states that this new approach has been a great success, as more often than not the inspectors are meeting with multiple customers.

Mr. McDonough states, “Not only does this allow a person to learn more about our rules and regulations, but many cases have resulted from referrals or recommendations from the Beer Board staff regarding someone who intends to sell beer, but may not have a complete grasp or understanding of our requirements. It’s been a great success not only because customers obtain answers to their questions, but it shows a proactive approach by the Beer Board staff to change with the times and meet the needs of our constituents.”

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