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Metro Water Services Earns Exemplary Score



597 points out of 599 earned on Sanitary Survey

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s (TDEC) Division of Water
Resources recently conducted a 4-day long inspection of Metro Water Services (MWS) in
accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sanitary Survey Manual. A
thorough review of every facet of the water system including plant performance, distribution,
treatment techniques, maintenance and safety programs, records and documentation, water
quality analysis, equipment, cross connection program, and adherence to federal and state
requirements and regulations led to an outstanding score of 597 out of a possible 599 points for a
score of 99%.

This latest Sanitary Survey comes on the heels of MWS’s release of their 2018 Consumer
Confidence Report (CCR) which echoes the results of the federally mandated inspection.
The unannounced, on-site audit of the total operations and maintenance of a public water system
by TDEC’s Division of Water Resources occurs every two years as a proactive public health
measure and is an important component of the Safe Drinking Water Act Public Water System
Supervision Program.

The high rating was in no small part achieved due to the hard work and dedication of MWS
employees. Observed during all aspects of operations, staff demonstrated keen attention to detail
to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

This score both reinforces MWS’s annual water quality testing data available in the CCR
showing the high quality of water for residents of Nashville, and underlines the utility’s
commitment to delivering clean, safe, dependable drinking water.

For more information about Sanitary Surveys, visit the EPA’s website at, and to download Metro Water Services’ 2018
Consumer Confidence Report go to