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Detective Chad Gish Named 2018 Officer of the Year by Tennessee's Police Chiefs



Nashvillians came to know of Detective Chad Gish’s outstanding work through his courtroom testimony in the series of Vanderbilt rape trials. Tonight, the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police (TACP) named Gish Police Officer of the Year for 2018. Gish received the award on the final night of the TACP’s annual conference, held this year in Knoxville.

“Detective Gish is a humble man who possesses an extraordinary knowledge of electronics, a vital need for modern day law enforcement,” Chief Steve Anderson said. “His work analyzing computers, tablets and cell phones has helped to bring many egregious criminals to justice for offenses including murder, rape, robbery, and the manufacture and trafficking of child pornography. His work is known to state and federal prosecutors in Nashville, as well as law enforcement agencies across the country.”

Detective Gish is a 20-year veteran of the MNPD who is presently assigned to the Surveillance & Investigative Support Unit (SISU) based at police headquarters. He has been in SISU for 13 years after serving stints in an Armed Robbery Unit and patrol.

Detective Gish’s meticulous work on the Vanderbilt case, in both Nashville and California, where one of the defendant football players was from, involved very technical analysis of cell phones and laptop computers. He was able to recover extremely incriminating evidence, which the defendants thought they had deleted. He worked closely with the victim in this case. At the conclusion of one of the trials, Detective Gish said of the victim, “She is a true pillar of strength and my hero. I hope my daughter grows up as strong as she is.”


Detective Chad Gish with Chief Steve Anderson and TACP President/Smyrna Police Chief Kevin Arnold

Detective Chad Gish receives the 2018 Officer of the Year Award from the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police.