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Public Works Enhances Payment Options for Sidewalk In-Lieu Contributions

Cortnye Stone, 615-862-8779

As of today, individuals wishing to pay their in-lieu sidewalk contributions with a credit card will be able to do so. The payments can be made by either using Metro Nashville’s ePermits website or in-person at the “One Stop Shop” permitting location at the Metropolitan Office Building.

“This is yet another step toward Metro government modernizing and optimizing constituent and developer services” said Public Works Director Mark Sturtevant. “We’re optimistic this system enhancement will make the implementation of last year’s Sidewalk Ordinance even more efficient.”

Since the implementation of last year’s BL2016-493, the in-lieu fund has received more than 2.8 million dollars in contributions being used to expand the sidewalk network in Davidson County. The ordinance, which increased the number of pedestrian benefit zones from 11 to 16, requires in-lieu contributions collected in each zone to be used in that same zone.

“I appreciate the concerted effort of Metro Public Works, Codes, Planning, & ITS to streamline this process” said Metro Council Member Angie Henderson. “For developers who choose the option, when applicable, to contribute to a project’s pedestrian benefit zone in lieu of sidewalk installation, I know this will be a welcome improvement.”

In addition to the payment enhancements, Metro Public Works has completed the annual assessment of average sidewalk costs required by BL2016-493 and has set the in-lieu contribution amount for fiscal year 2019 at $152 per linear foot. This calculation is based on a three-year rolling average of Metro’s sidewalk construction costs.