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hubNashville Reaches Major Milestone

Judith Byrd 615-862-6461

One-year anniversary of hubNashville 311

One year ago today, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement launched hubNashville 311, “the easiest way to interact with Metro Government.” Since then, residents have submitted more than 100,000 service tickets – an average of nearly 300 tickets per day. Requests are routed through an online portal, a local call center or a mobile application for Android and iOS. An app. launched in April 2018.

“hubNashville revolutionizes the transparency and efficiency of Metro’s service delivery,” said Erin Williams, hubNashville Director. “Before hubNashville, requesting service or information could require multiple calls to multiple departments. Today a single call, email or click gets you to the right place.”

Through hubNashville, a user can submit a request to one location. From there, the request is routed to the correct Metro department or agency, and the user can track it until it is resolved. To date, hubNashville has integrated with five Metro departments: The Mayor’s Office, Metro Council, Public Works, Public Records Requests and most recently Metro Codes, whose integration went live in September 2018.

Many requests submitted to hubNashville are resolved within a matter of days. Between January and February of 2018, Metro Public works found and filled more than 6,000 potholes on local streets. This was in direct response to hubNashville tickets. At the beginning of 2018, Public Works put out a request for residents to help identify pothole locations by calling 311 or visiting – and residents came through in a big way. Public Works Director Mark Sturtevant credited the community for being “an extra set of eyes for our team here at Public Works,” noting that while crews inspect the roads when they are out, “they can’t be everywhere all the time.”

“Metro Government has streamlined, multi-channel community engagement. hubNashville is a one-stop-shop for services. NashView offers visualizations of Metro’s work in our communities. Metro’s Open Data Portal fosters accountability. All of these together make Metro Government more open, accessible and responsive,” said Keith Durbin, Metro’s Chief Information Officer. “Additionally, data from hubNashville is helping Metro identify trends to guide planning and budgetary decision-making.”

Reach hubNashville by visiting or dialing 311 (or 615-862-5000).
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